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  Gabriel Dehoyos aka "thafixerman"

Gabriel Dehoyos aka "thafixerman"


The music of life often has unexpected notes, but with the right attitude they often sound more beautiful than expected.

Thanks to my father the original "fixerman" I started my journey into the guitar world with skills I thought would not benefit my career, but would be handy nonetheless. Fueled by my love with the sound, feel, and emotions I was passionate and excited strumming my way through UNT and on to SMU. I very soon found myself running high on passion and low on money. Typically the end of dreams and the beginning of "reality" for most. However, I had and still have to this day my most priceless asset; my attitude. With skills of my past, the innovation of my present, and the hope for my future I forged ahead. Starting with french polish I honed my skills in order to make it through college and beyond. I soon found my passion turning into an obsession and business. Here we are today at Gabriel's Guitar Repair and everyday is a new beginning!