Guitars are living breathing instruments with a soul. I invest intense time and focus, so that you can express the soul of your guitar for generations. I’ll only work with the best materials available and provide a 1 year guarantee on all labor. I never compromise quality for time and give my clients realistic schedules that accommodate their lives. I strive for honest customer service, so contracts are only paid in full when the finished work is complete to your satisfaction.


Basic Setup $50.

  • Adjust Truss Rod
  • Set intonation & radius on moveable bridges
  • Clean, buff/oil fingerboard & polish frets
  • Adjust action at the nut/saddle
  • Clean & condition finish, vacuum inside acoustic guitars
  • Set pickup height 
  • Strings and shims not included 

Restring $12.

  • You bring strings and I'll put them on for you. 
  • 12 strings are $24.
  • Select strings available for purchase

Hand Cut Nuts $85 & Saddles $60.

There's no better tone than bone correct? Well yes but there are many choices when it comes to nuts and saddles, traditionally unbleached Cow and Camel bone are my go to materials. But Fossilized Mammoth, Fossilized Walrus, Pre Ban Ivory, Horn and synthetic materials like Tusq can be used at an additional cost. Each material has a unique tonal palette and some players have several nuts/saddles cut from various stock and choose to mix and match them.  

Shimming Nuts and Saddles $20.

Sometimes an original saddle or nut can be salvaged with a proper shim attached to the bottom. Nuts can be shimmed but I do not recommend shimming the saddle because this may lead to tone loss. Ebony, Maple Rosewood, Bone and Cyanoacrylate can be used. Setup not included.


Replace Fingerboard $Inquire

Whenever a fingerboard needs to be replaced it's a labor intensive process involving carefully heating off the old one, sizing cutting and shaping a new board, attaching the new board, fretting, finish repair, setup and more. I have a stock of African Ebony and Indian Rosewood boards stickered and ready for use.      

Bench Rate $


Fret Level & Crown $95.

If you are experiencing buzzing, intonation issues, sharp fret ends, dead notes and pitted frets you may need a fret level and crown. 

  • Truss rod is adjusted, non truss rod guitars are put in the fretting jig to simulate string tension.
  • Frets are reseated and glued in if necessary
  • Various precision sanding beams and radius blocks are used to level frets then finished with diamond stones.
  • Frets are recrowned by hand with various files and finished with diamond edged files
  • Frets are polished to a slick mirror shine


Fret Jobs 

There is a lot of mystery about the process and for this reason I recommend watching my three part series on fretting. In general a fret job is needed when frets become too low or pitted for a level/crown or the fingerboard underneath is bowed and or uneven. I use the highest quality 18% nickel Jescar fret wire and give you the option to pick the size. Stainless Steel wire @ 25% upcharge and Evo wire @ 10% are available upon request. The use of a fretting jig allows me to manipulate neck and work under artificial string tension to the accuracy of 100th of an inch. In addition to setting frets with friction I use animal protein glues (hide or fish) to hold them in place, fill gaps under the tang increasing harmonic coupling and reducing the risk of becoming unseated. The process includes planing/ leveling, radius, fretting, level/crown, polishing frets to slick mirror shine, buffing the fingerboard, restring and setup. Taller frets will require shimming or a new nut & saddle at a 15% discount. Includes Basic Setup strings not included.    

  • Unbound Rosewood or Ebony board $300.
  • Bound Rosewood or Ebony board $345.
  • Lacquered Maple Fingerboards with lacquer respray $375.

Buff Lacquer Finish $

Nitrocellulose lacquer is one of the best guitar finishes, applied correctly it will provide a durable finish without inhibiting tone but it will dull over time. My commercial buffing wheels in tandem with quality buffing compounds will bring the shine back and remove fine swirl marks.

  • Deep scratches and chips will need Lacquer work and is not included.

  • Includes disassembly, assembly and restring. Electric guitars have more parts to remove so they take a bit longer.